SUMMER FUN IN LA HISPANIOLA: Best Summer Activities in Haiti and Dominican Republic

Travel to Haiti And Visit Dominican Republic for an All-Out Summer Blast Through La Hispaniola

If your compass is pointing you towards the Caribbean this summer, it’s likely because La Hispaniola is the most attractive island destination for a total adventure.

Whether you travel to Haiti or visit Dominican Republic, there’s an activity for every kind of person on the planet, including yourself, so if you’re ready to conquer this summer vacation by air, land, and sea, we’ll show you how to take La Hispaniola by storm.

Getting Wet and Wild

A Caribbean vacation wouldn’t be complete without taking advantage of the numerous watersport’s activities at the most gorgeous Haitian and Dominican beach locations:

Scuba Diving

Amani’s Zombie Hole and Gonave Island, Haiti

Just off the coast of the town of Amani, you’ll dive into the famous Zombie Hole, a 200 mt deep underwater cave encompassed by coral reef, and across the Gulf of Gonave you’ll find Gonave Island for a more secluded and luminous dive.

Piedra Bonita Samana and Saona Island, D.R.

Between January and March, you can have the dive of your life and swim with humpback whales in their mating habitat or take a plunge with the likes of green turtles at the Turtle Sanctuary on Saona Island.

Kite Surfing

Cabarete, D.R.

Cabarete is Kite Surf City on the Northcoast of the Dominican Republic, with various Kite Clubs and training centers to get you prepped for the annual Cabarete Kite Festival, for a whole week of water sports competitions.

Moel Saint-Nicolas, Haiti

Said to be the best Kite Surfing location near Raisinier Beach in Haiti for its consistent wind speed and favorable climate, Mole Saint-Nicolas is a haven for kite surfing Pros and aficionados from around the world.


Bahia de las Aguilas, D.R.

Located in the Jaragua National Park, Southwest of the D.R., these 8 kilometers stretch of environmentally protected Caribbean beachfront with some of the clearest water in the world, makes it the perfect place to snorkel and see beautiful Manatees swimming effortlessly.

Les Cayes, Haiti

East of the Tiburon Peninsula in Haiti, Les Cayes is conveniently located near Ile-a-Vache and an hour drive from Jacmel, which is great for those who want to go “Snorkel-Hopping” in prime Caribbean waters.

Going Airborne


Mountrouis, Haiti

Extreme sports enthusiasts from around the world have made Mountrouis one of their favorite Paragliding playgrounds, with low and expansive mountain terrains for hours of airtime.

Constanza, D.R.

Take off from one the highest elevated territories in La Hispaniola, and fly across the Constanza Valley, rich with vegetable and fruit plantations surrounded by a majestic mountain range. 


Monkey Jungle Sosua, D.R.
That’s right! Monkeys, Jungles, and Zip-lining all in one amazing excursion only half an hour from Cabarete, D.R., most likely the only place you’ll want to keep a monkey ON your back.

Dragon’s Breath Labadee, Haiti

Out of the jungle and into paradise, Labadee Cove in Cap-Haitien Haiti will have you zipping across its picturesque beach face-down for a pure adrenaline rush.

Roughing it Hispaniola Style


La Visite National Park, Haiti

Take the ultimate Hispaniola hiking trail up Furcy to Haiti’s highest point at Pic La Selle, and if the trek gets too strenuous, you can proudly rent a horse or mule to the top and no one will think less of you.

 Puerto Plata, D.R.

Hike all the way up through Mount Isable de Torres, where you’ll have a panoramic view of the Atlantic coastal city from the top, and if you feel you’ve hiked enough, you can always take a cable car back down and relax.

Mountain Biking

Jarabacoa, D.R.

Full of enchanting forests, waterfalls, and valleys, Jarabacoa is a mountain bikers paradise with hours of challenging trails and a refreshing cool climate year-round.

Kenscoff, Haiti

Only 10 kilometers from Port-au-Prince, taking off from the town of Kenscoff, you’ll embark on wat is considered an epic biking trail through Furcy and Seguin, all the way down to the southern coast of Marigot and then east to Jacmel.